iDeals VDR Software Review

iDeals is one of the most reputable and popular virtual data room service providers. This is eloquently evidenced by user reviews and this software’s high ratings. The company was founded in 2008 in the UK – since then, iDeals has not stopped absorbing the best of modern technology.


iDeals is suitable for various business sectors. However, it has proven itself best in working with large corporations, law, and large companies. Thanks to the multilingual interface, the program can be used by consumers from around the world. This is exactly what happens because iDeals is successfully used in Europe and America.

Program interface

The program is made in corporate colors – white and turquoise. The program has a large working area where various file manipulations take place and two menus – vertical and horizontal.

You can open various projects in the vertical menu (located on the left), while the top menu is for switching between modes and users. Also, on the right side of the screen is an additional information panel that notifies you about the file’s properties.


iDeals has extensive functionality that will interest representatives of various industries. First, the program is convenient for large transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions. It even has a special mode for this.

You can also work with documents here, thanks to extensive integrations from other software manufacturers.

If necessary, you can store documents in a virtual data room and hold small conferences since iDeals is also a board portal. Your colleagues will be able to arrange to vote, make decisions during meetings, as well as draw up documentation. To sign, you can upload your electronic signature.

Information privacy

This important item is filled in iDeals for one hundred percent. Like any self-respecting virtual data room provider, iDeals takes great care to ensure that your files are always protected.

The virtual data room contains all the technologies that protect against information loss. These are encryption keys and authentication in several factors. Also, a watermark is superimposed on each document, which cannot be removed. When you try to take a screen picture, you will encounter stripes that make it impossible to see the photo.

The virtual data room administrator can apply different privacy settings for certain documents to secure them. So, if you decide that some employees should not see certain files, they can be hidden from them.

How much does iDeals cost?

iDeals does not openly disclose the cost of its services. This is because a package of tools that will be needed is selected individually for each client. And then the cost of the service is calculated.

However, you can try iDeals completely free for a short time. This experience will help you understand if the program is right for you and if you are ready to upgrade to a paid iDeals plan.